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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Post Processing Company, a Philippine based photo editing company offers professional post processing service to photographers online.

With the photography industry ever growing, photographers worldwide have their hands full with various aspect of their business. One company attending to their plight is Post Processing Company, a photo editor company that is offering its shoulders to photographers from all around the world to help them with all their post processing workload through its website.

Established to help photographers achieve more, Post Processing Company works like a virtual assistant for photographers, handling all their grueling tasks of selection of photos, editing and photo retouching to get them ready for delivery.

Speaking about its services, the company’s CEO Joepet Macariola said that the growth of the photography industry and the need for clients to have their pictures delivered as fast as possible from photographers got him and his team started.

“Photography today isn’t what it was 10 years ago. The demand on the time of professional photographers is getting higher. Considering how daunting it is for photographers to do their post-productions themselves, when there are other high priority tasks they could do such as attending to other clients or finding new ones, and job delivery date looming; our company fills the post-production vacuum for photographers with our topnotch post processing service to help them achieve more,” Macariola said.

Macariola further affirmed his genuine desire to help photographers achieve more with their business, “An outsourced post-production that is cost-effective, with a fast turn-around-time, like the one we offer at Post Processing Company is very vital to the productivity of photographers. We shoulder many post-production tasks for them such as light and contrast adjustment, color corrections, blemish removal, noise removal, and other necessary edits needed to get pictures ready to be delivered to clients.”

To boost a photographer’s confidence in his company, Macariola said, “With a dedicated team of color specialist, graphic designers, and management staffs, we will deliver all jobs contracted to us within 24 hours”

In addition, before taking new jobs, Post processing Company gives a free trail to photographers to showcase their post-production skills according to instructions given by clients. Photographers working in wedding, amazon products, real estate, and other personal picture photographers can make use of their service.

Post Processing Company is redefining the way photographers work worldwide. By taking all their post-production tasks, it helps them channel their time to other high priority tasks.

About Post Processing Company

Post Processing Company is a back-end support for photographers around the world. The company was born out of high demand from clients being served by its parent company, Photo Editing Company (PEC). Clients needed a more dedicated team to cater to their needs, thus the company was kick-started. It’s now one of the most trusted names when it comes to post-production needs. With a keen desire to serve, it currently boasts of 24 team members (continuously adding as necessary) working round the clock to put smiles on the faces of clients, delivering the highest quality output within the fastest turnaround time.

You can learn more about Post Processing Company and their various unique services here

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Public Relations Officer
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About Post Processing Company

Post processing company is the largest post production service provider for professional wedding and real estate photographers worldwide.

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