Positivity Is the Mission for New Artist Koa Jerome

Koa Jerome is a new musical artist taking a stand against the violence, drugs, and sexism taking place in the Hip-hop music industry.

Singer-Songwriter Koa Jerome has released his first album entitled "Positivity". Throughout the "Positivity" album, Koa Jerome reaches into a deep-dark place and exposes subject matters that are often overlooked by other artists in the music business. Koa's album goes on to address the murderous,drug-infused, sexist lyrics being brought forth by his peers within the industry, and how negative music can mislead the youth.

Koa Jerome has written and produced for The Dream, Melanie Fiona, French Montana, and more, but was not attracted to the pressure and marionette lifestyle being a musical talent can bring. Turning down multiple deals to keep creative freedom, morals, and values intact. Koa looks to help his peers recognize that one doesn't have to follow trends to become successful in the music business. 

Be on the lookout for Koa Jerome's album "Positivity" on his website www.koajerome.com. Koa is also a tech entrepreneur developing multiple musical apps releasing in Spring 2018.


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