PositiveSingles Provides Love & Support for Newly Diagnosed Herpes Positive People

PositiveSingles Provides Love & Support for Newly Diagnosed Herpes Positive People

Every year, there are more than 776,000 newly diagnosed herpes cases in the U.S., and many have turned to PositiveSingles, the largest and most complete herpes dating support community for freshly diagnosed single people, for love and support, according to head of the online community, the network plays a vital role in the lives of newly diagnosed HIV and herpes positive people.

“With one in five women now have genital herpes, our role is even more critical as it relates to being kind, loving, gentle and supportive for such persons, and that’s the key role we here at PositiveSingles are striving provide every day,” said the spokesperson.

According to PositiveSingles, most newly diagnosed people will suffer similar alone rather than reaching out, because society has seen them as outcasts. “Many are heartbroken as they suffer in silence, and the result is usually unnecessary worry, panic, depression, and loss of confidence,” said the source who now provide the means for such persons to get help, be inspired, and find love again.

While newly diagnosed herpes singles suffer tremendous emotional and physical injury, without proper treatment, there would be long-term adverse effects to both on body and mind.

However, getting involved with or becoming a member of the appropriate support community, where one not only treatment, advice, and a sense of community where one can effectively help persons overcome the difficult period and start dating with herpes positive.

Being a member of PositiveSingles helps new members to the community well prepared for what would happen to their body and mood.

Some 2000-plus anonymous stories have been published for newly diagnosed users who have been re-energized as they have come to realized being HIV and Herpes diagnosed is not the end of their lives.

“Today, through PositiveSingles, which has 1,445,000-plus registered members, we have to help thousands rebuild their confidence rebuild,” noted PositiveSingles, pointing to some of the positive comments members have posted on the community’s website.

Source: PositiveSingles.com

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