PositiveSingles: Herpes Dating Sites Play Key Role in Preventing STD Transmission

PositiveSingles is the largest herpes dating site and app

​With dating apps potentially contributing to the rise of STD infection, PositiveSingles.com, the largest herpes dating app in the United States, has continued to declare that the STD dating site is helpful to control the continuous rising of STD infection rates.

“Moreover, it plays an important role in helping single people who are living with an STD to regain love and hope,” states Jenelle Marie, the site’s spokesperson.

Herpes dating site and apps play important roles in preventing STD transmission.

Jenelle Marie, Spokesperson of PositiveSingles.com

Believing PositiveSingles.com plays an integral role in keeping infected people together, the site has continued to stress it helps reduce the chance to transmit the disease to uninfected persons. The positives are numerous and very encouraging, and the spokesperson provides the following supporting claims:

·  PositiveSingles provide far better dating support for people who are STD-infected than a normal dating app. If their STD status is revealed in other dating apps, their chance of finding a lover will significantly decrease. This will never happen in PositiveSingles.

·  PositiveSingles is specialized for single people who are infected. This makes it very professional in providing various STD-related topics discussion, Q&A from counselors, as well as blog posts and chat rooms where users can talk about the disease and sex without burden.

·  PositiveSingles strongly recommend online users with STD to join in to seek love instead of using normal dating app without telling others his/her STD status. Joining PositiveSingles is not only a way of regaining love, but also being responsible for the public and society.

PositiveSingles.com targets people infected with STD, but still being active in other dating apps without telling others. Herpes dating is the most welcomed function on the site. And the reasons they provided for targeting this niche market has to do with the inherent benefits provide.

The spokesperson appeals that the “people who are living with an STD, especially HIV singles, need love and care, but sadly they don't feel they can tell others about their status on normal dating apps. After becoming a member of the PositiveSingles.com community, people find themselves in a relaxed, friendly, and welcoming community that gives them the freedom to seek and find love with like-minded individuals.”

Referencing recent news blaming all dating apps for STD rate rising is inaccurate; the site’s spokesperson concluded that “STD dating sites should not be blamed, but should be rewarded. We have made a significant effort toward education, protecting one's STD status, and reducing the spread of infection. We will also consider working with Building Healthy Online Communities (BHOC) to contribute more to STD prevention work.”

Source: PositiveSingles.com

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