Positive Singles Updates New Features to Its iOS App

Positive Singles has recently announced that their iOS app has got a new upgrade. They have packed in more features and tried to make it better so that users can benefit from it. The site is hopeful of getting more success stories.

​​​Positive Singles, one of the top dating sites, has recently announced that their iOS app is going to get a major facelift. They are going to incorporate a new set of features that is likely to help users enjoy the app even more.

The new features that will be incorporated include the new matches feature that would be present at the top of the pages near messages. Also, one can check the photos list rather than the user name list when they want to see the likes that they have received on their profile.

The drifting bottle feature which already enjoys massive popularity has seen a facelift too. There has been an improvement in the way the anonymous drift bottle is sent and one can open or close the anonymous reply at their will. Overall, the app has improved the interactive experience with this major facelift.

Suny Zhang, the supervisor of the site was quoted as saying, “Positive Singles is the kind of site wherein we are always looking for ways by which we can help the members seek the perfect partner. With our new list of improved features, we wanted to further help the members make the most of online dating. We are hopeful that this, in turn, will allow us to have a lot more successful dating stories.”

There is no doubt that Positive Singles is hopeful that in the times to come, more and more people will be able to get the best of dating response. Online dating has emerged as a great option and more so in these times of social distancing.

Those who would like to know more about the kind of features that this app has to offer and even the ones who want to register here should make it a point to visit https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1419085637

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Positive Singles is one of the top online portals for people who are interested in dating. The site has tons of verified members and offers some of the best features. The kind of success stories they have is proof of how reliable the site is.

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