Positive Singles Releases Statistics on the Number of People Suffering From STDs in Top USA States

Positive Singles has recently released the statistics pertaining to the number of patients who have been diagnosed with different kinds of STDs and the number is far from comforting.

Positive Singles has recently released a statistics chart which is related to the number of patients suffering from STDs like herpes, HSV1, HSV2, HIV, and more. The numbers are an indication of how too many people are falling prey to such diseases.

Suny Zhang, the CEO of Positive Singles was quoted as saying, “We are a dating and support community especially meant for people who suffer from different kinds of STDs. These people need our love and support and should not be shunned by society. It is important for people to come together and pledge their support for this act.”

According to the statistics from PositiveSingles in 2019, California is heading the list. Texas, on the other hand, is following closely and Florida, New York, and Georgia aren’t too far behind either.

This goes on to show as to how even the most developed of U.S. cities seem to have too many cases of patients who are battling this disease day in and day out. It is important to understand as to what are the main reasons which contribute to these diseases. Until and unless awareness is created and people can be aware of the causes of STDs, the way they can be mitigated and prevented from spreading, the numbers are not likely to improve.

Positive Singles is one such community that wants to emerge as the right support group for those who are suffering from these diseases. Members are given the right kind of platform wherein they can find love, support, hope, and stay positive.

Those who would like to know more about the community can visit https://www.positivesingles.com.

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Positive Singles is one of the top dating and support communities which aims at helping people suffering from different kinds of STDs. They want to pledge the right support, love, and hope for such patients.

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