Positive Singles Announces Dating Services Catered to Herpes, HPV and HIV Patients

Positive Singles is the popular dating site that caters exclusively to people who have been diagnosed with HIV and other STDs. The site wants to offer the right support and a shot at love to such people.

Even those who are diagnosed with HIV deserve a fair shot at love. Positive Singles is one such site that has made it a point to come up with the right kind of dating services, which have been tailored towards use for HIV patients.

Suny Zhang, the CEO of Positive Singles was quoted as saying, “Being diagnosed with HIV doesn't mean the end of the world. It is important that such patients are offered the right ray of hope and love. With our dating service, we want to help them seek love which can give them a happy reason to live.”

The dating site aims at extending the right support to such patients. This isn’t the kind of illness which should be kept a secret. This is why Positive Singles offers HIV patients the option to socialize and date with like-minded people who are aware of their condition and are still willing to try. Some of them may be HIV positive too.

One needs to understand that being HIV positive doesn’t mean that they can be judged or treated wrongly. With this dating site, many people who were otherwise broken after their diagnosis have found another reason to live, love and smile.

The dating site has been made simple enough that anybody who accesses it can understand the flow. It offers a new chance for HIV patients to seek their true soulmate, who could perhaps understand them and their condition and work around it accordingly.

Those who would like to know more about the dating site, or even the ones who want to check it out so they can analyze if they too would like to list their profile at Positive Singles, should make it a point to visit https://www.positivesingles.com/hiv-dating.html.

About Positive Singles

Positive Singles is the new dating site that has offered a dating service exclusively for those who have been diagnosed with HIV, herpes, HPV and other STDs. They want to offer a befitting platform to all those who want to be sure that, despite their medical condition, they could get their shot at dating and love.

Source: PositiveSingles.com

About Positivesingles.com

PositiveSingles was founded in 2002 to serve as a support & dating community for people living with Herpes, HIV / AIDS and other STIs. Twenty years and 60,000 dating success stories, the community continues to help people find love, support and hope.

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