Positioning Students to Thrive in a Rapidly Changing World

Beyond formal education, employers are becoming increasingly interested in the knowledge, skills, values and experiences that potential candidates possess In this rapidly changing world, providing secondary school students with the opportunity to explore their interests and passions in addition to traditional education will ultimately set them up to thrive

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Leading private school in Melbourne, Haileybury, is leading the charge in developing new and innovative learning experiences for students with the aim of improving their employability. Haileybury is preparing students as global citizens for the development of mini-courses designed to enhance their ATAR with real-life skills.

Known as micro credentials, these mini-courses allow students to explore their interests and passions and are strategically designed to complement traditional learning. Micro credentials are gaining traction in universities and private schools in Melbourne as they prepare students for the future world, giving them an expanded range of career choices.

The mini qualifications available at Haileybury were developed in 2019 and cover STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) and LEAP (Literature, Entrepreneurship, Arts, Politics) skills. There is a range of 'learning pods' including Digital Disruptors, Be the Change, Acting Up and Haileybury in Flight. Within each learning pod, students can choose from a range of qualifications of interest that will enable them to showcase their skills, competencies and achievements. These include the SHINE Space Program developed in association with Swinburne University, STEM Committee - a thriving STEM community with students who are highly motivated and proactive in discussing and engaging with STEM, The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award, Shine Cambodia - an Australian not-for-profit and charitable organisation with a vision to transform the educational standard for students in Cambodia, DAV Debating, Esports, Mooting, Global Issues, MasterMinds, UN Voice of Youth and Neuroscience Club.

Covering a wide range of abilities to help students succeed after school, upon completion of a mini-course, they receive a digital badge that links to evidence of their achievements. Students can use these to boost their CV and the badges are shareable so they can showcase them on social media and networking sites such as LinkedIn.

Micro credentials will undoubtedly grow in importance as they allow students to learn, adapt and innovate in the evolving world. Confirming its reputation as the best private school in Melbourne, Haileybury continues to provide innovative learning opportunities for students, setting them up for future success.

Source: Haileybury


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