Portfoliobox Is the Incognito Startup That Will Challenge Behance and LinkedIn

Have you heard about Portfoliobox, the Swedish startup with more than 400,000 users and paying customers in 130 countries? Most likely not, Portfoliobox is still rather uncharted on the Swedish startup scene.

Despite keeping a low profile Portfoliobox has, on the down-low, managed to create one of the world’s most popular website building tools in the creative niche, competing with industry giants such as Wix and Squarespace. Since being launched in 2012, the tool has spread across the globe and today has 400,000 users and paying customers in 130 countries.

Find Creatives - the next step for Portfoliobox

"We wanted to find a way to market our users and help them get noticed by people looking for their services"

Gustav Degerman, CEO of Portfoliobox

Today Portfoliobox announces the release of findcreatives.com, a marketplace where buyers can discover and hire local creatives. With launching Find Creatives they hope to not only boost their users’ exposure, but to fill a gap in the market. “A problem today is that there is no straightforward way of finding local creatives”, says Gustav Degerman, CEO of Portfoliobox. "Find Creatives will fill the void between Linkedin and Adobe’s Behance. LinkedIn is not adapted to fit a creative profile, and it’s difficult for a private person to for example find a local wedding photographer through Behance”.

When asked about Find Creatives' future success, Gustav Degerman says that the service in many ways is an add-on to Portfoliobox. “We are basing Find Creatives on our large existing client base which today is hundreds of thousands of creatives. This is something that has been requested, so we know that there is a demand”.

Find Creatives will be connected to Portfoliobox, and new users who sign up to Find Creatives will be able to export their profile to Portfoliobox.net. This way they can have a complete, professional website up and running with just a few clicks of a button. This is also the business plan behind Find Creatives, as the service will be completely free of fees and advertising.

Find Creatives launches this week and can be found on www.findcreatives.com 

Source: Portfoliobox

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Portfoliobox is a Swedish startup which provides innovative tools and services to help creatives build their online brand. Our world leading website builder is currently used by more than 400 000 users throughout the world.

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