Portable, Automated, Repeatable. ACE GRABS the ATTENTION of the AGGREGATE INDUSTRY

Costonis Mastery

Following a triumphant return from a week at the ASTM meeting in Orlando, Advanced Concepts & Engineering continues to solidify the future of the company as the leader in automated, portable quality control testing.

Advanced Concepts & Engineering [ACE], led by its President and Founder - Joel F. Costonis - conducted 16 presentations over the week of December 4th.

Costonis rose to the challenge of successfully developing fully automated, portable, repeatable quality control testing units through the creation of Advanced Concepts & Engineering. 

Through his entire team, consisting of an elite programmer, 2 PhD’s, designers, machinists and retired executives, Costonis has truly honored the guiding principle of his father Dr. Anthony F. Costonis of “one is only as good as those he surrounds himself with”.

Dr. Costonis is a retired strategic management consultant to the construction industry [Corporate Development Services Inc.].  Costonis states that his father – a shareholder in ACE – brings great advice and tutelage in the growth and development of the company.  Costonis and his father seem to make a great team through ACE especially noting that the University of Florida, M.E. Rinker School of Construction honored Dr. Costonis by selecting him as the 1997 Distinguished Rinker Lecturer.

Showcasing the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory, Mr. Costonis solidified the posture of the equipment, the methodology, the need and desire of the product in the aggregate industry-at-large.

The ACE Auto-Grade’s primary purpose is to “classify aggregate sizes by percent passing by volume and moisture analysis, to insure proper mixture assuring a positive mix design in asphalt, cement, redi mix and products of the like” Costonis states,  “The fact that it is fully portable; 100% repeatable; 22% more accurate and as much as 48% faster than standard method silences a cry in the industry-at-large.”

During the week long showcase - beyond the 16 presentations - Costonis has met with 9 of the nation’s top 20 aggregate companies that are looking to employ his technology.

Costonis states, “when the Chair of the committee that governs this very testing methodology tells you that you filled the remaining void in the industry, it’s a great feeling.  I have recently sent a proposal to his company that would give ACE a tremendous presence in the center of the country. We are working with several international companies, DOT’s (Department of Transportation) around the country and are very excited about the future.”

Throughout any call, meeting, or visit with Costonis, it is clearly obvious that his diligence remains steadfast, “It is not my job, intention or desire to remove the technician.  It is my job however to empower the technician to be as successful as possible in their job.  One cannot be as successful as possible if they do not have the tools they need to complete said task.  Advanced Concepts & Engineering is proud to deliver those very tools.”

Advanced Concepts & Engineering will be hosting additional showcase events on the ACE Auto-Grade around the country.  “We are here to help our industry manufacture, place and deliver a superior product that will insure the longevity of the very infrastructure the construction industry builds. The ACE Auto-Grade, the ACE Auto-Grav and our other products are answering a long-aged call to advance the quality control sector of the aggregate industry.”

Advanced Concepts & Engineering’s website is www.advconeng.com and Costonis welcomes calls and emails to 207-270-3025 or his email at jfcostonis@advconeng.com.

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