Port53 Launches Customer Portal to Empower Organizations to Reduce Complexity Within Their Hybrid IT Environments

San Francisco-based Cisco partner moves to address 'subscription overload' resulting from recent mass cloud migration.

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Port53 Technologies, a leader in cloud-based cybersecurity and intelligence, today announced the launch of its innovative Customer Portal that will empower organizations to manage their entire security-technology stacks from a single console.

"Following last-year's mass migration to cloud environments, we have seen an unprecedented swell in complexity within technology stacks," said Omar Zarabi, CEO, Port53. "With SaaS subscriptions on the rise, security teams can barely keep track of all the points of risk and areas of control that they oversee. Port53's new Customer Portal allows teams to manage their security policies and controls in a way that makes sense to them and reduces the workloads on threat hunters so they can do what they do best."

The first iteration of Port53's Customer Portal is a platform that enables IT and security teams to manage subscriptions from a single dashboard. The portal offers a hub to admins that allows them to better understand the challenges and potential vulnerabilities their organization faces, while simultaneously granting them the visibility to manage subscriptions, tools, and cyber stack for a more effective threat posture.

"Managing your security subscriptions should not be more difficult than managing your security," Derek Jorgensen, VP of Sales, added. "As Cisco's number-one Cloud Security partner, Port53 is in a unique position to help SMBs and mid-sized enterprises formulate more effective policies and take more robust threat postures so they can innovate in confidence. The Customer Portal is the latest step in our journey to a more secure and prosperous ecosystem for organizations of all sizes. With it, we hope to reduce the impact of the subscription overload that we are seeing right now."

The launch of Port53's Customer Portal comes just a month after the San Francisco-based company opened offices in New York City and went on a statewide recruitment drive in a move to grow its presence in the northeast and prepare for forays into European territories such as the UK. Port53 is also targeting markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

With additions like the Customer Portal to Port53's portfolio, the company's leadership team believes businesses worldwide will be able to eliminate complexity from their new hybrid environments, protect remote workforces, and more easily comply with their regulatory obligations. Port53's solutions, services, and capabilities are designed for the intricacies of modern IT environments, including multi-cloud technology stacks. The company's approach is to simplify day-to-day operations for tech teams and secure digital estates so that innovation and economic growth can continue unabated.

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