Port53 Launches Global MDR Partner Program

Port53 announces a new partner program built on their unique managed XDR security solution, offering tailored rewards, incentives, and sales resources to make advanced cloud-focused protections accessible to global technology partners.


Port53, a New York-based leader in Managed Security Operations, announces its new partner program at RSA 2024, furthering its commitment to unparalleled protection against the broadest spectrum of cyber-attacks and threats.

Enterprises worldwide leverage cloud security and MDR to protect their organizations; Port53 is working to make these solutions accessible to all. 

Traditional MDR relies on legacy SIEMs, burdened by ingesting mass data volumes for manual examination by a security analyst. This outdated approach to MDR is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Unlike the legacy MDR approach, Port53’s MDR is built on XDR, leveraging AI and automation at the control level, dramatically accelerating time to detection through time to remediation. 

Port53's pioneering approach brings analytics directly to the data, reducing costs and democratizing access to mXDR. Port53’s new approach to Managed XDR is different from anything on the market today. Leading the next generation of managed security solutions, Port53 revolutionizes incident management with unprecedented speed and affordability.

Ultimately, this innovative approach drives our partner program’s success allowing partners to come in at a more accessible price point and serve a broader level of organizations. The program will provide rewards, incentives, and resources tailored to help security-conscious and cloud-focused technology partners globally, enabling them to establish a leading presence in the security operations market. By building this partner network, Port53 is making advanced cloud-focused protections accessible to organizations of all sizes through trusted partners.

XDR offers remarkable power and potential, but many resource-constrained IT departments cannot fully utilize it independently.

Recognizing this challenge, Port53 offers MDR and mXDR solutions built on XDR to simplify security management for businesses, driving mutually beneficial outcomes. This strategic collaboration alleviates the burden on businesses to develop comprehensive solutions from scratch, providing them with robust security measures without requiring extensive in-house resources.

Port53 offers a comprehensive SOC-as-a-service cybersecurity solution (MDR and mXDR) based on Cisco XDR that protects data, business assets, and client information as they move across locations, devices, and clouds. This ensures robust cyber resilience for partners and their clientele.

Matt Baringer, Director of GTM and Partnerships at Port53, will lead the partner team, focusing on driving Port53's engagement in the partner ecosystem, including managed service providers (MSP/MSSP), resale, distribution, and national partnerships.

Comprised of two partnership levels, the program delineates a transparent trajectory for partners of varying sizes to cultivate and broaden their strategic collaboration with Port53.

Partner Tiers and Benefits:

Pro Partners gain access to fundamental benefits that support learning and advancement, facilitate expansion, and stimulate demand. Benefits include sales executive and engineer training, co-sell support, competitive discounts, incentives, and co-branded marketing materials.

Premium Partners unlock additional advantages, such as the Port53 Pipeline Impact Program and NFR licenses.

"Partners can immediately start generating revenue by unlocking new high-margin opportunities without investing in hardware, training, or specialized security resources. Our solution requires no upfront investment and removes the added pressure of partners needing to hire skilled security professionals or fully building out their own Security Operations Centers," said Omar Zarabi, Founder and CEO at Port53. "We plug the knowledge gaps. Partners can deliver immediate protection for customers with near-instant profit."

For more information on Port53’s solution portfolio, please visit www.port53.com.

About Port53

Port53 focuses on enabling organizations to safely and securely thrive in the digital world by delivering enterprise-grade solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective. Port53 works closely with Cisco’s leading security offerings, to plug the knowledge gaps that stand as obstacles to effective threat postures in SMEs.

Source: Port53