Port53 Certified as First Cisco Managed XDR Partner

Port53 partners with Cisco to offer Managed XDR, bringing advanced cybersecurity to all organizations.

Port53 First Managed XDR Partner

Port53, an industry leader in cloud cybersecurity, has announced the next phase of its groundbreaking partnership with Cisco, becoming the first Managed XDR (Extended Detection and Response) partner. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in cybersecurity, combining Port53's expertise in enabling lean IT teams to manage enterprise-level security postures with Cisco's cutting-edge XDR technology.

In today's dynamic cybersecurity landscape, integration is key. Port53 and Cisco work hand-in-hand to seamlessly deploy, optimize and integrate third-party controls into the Cisco XDR platform. This allows customers to keep their current end security controls while still realizing the power of a native, proactive and integrated security stack. This collaborative effort aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of security operations for organizations of all sizes.

XDR is a powerful productivity tool for Security Operations Center (SOC) analysts, but many Port53 customers and small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) often face resource and budget constraints that hinder them from establishing in-house SOCs. Port53's managed services bridge this gap, providing resource-restrained teams access to advanced detection, response, and risk mitigation capabilities. Without the burden of extensive in-house resources, these organizations can now harness the full potential of XDR.

"We are thrilled to lead the way as Cisco's first Managed XDR partner," said Omar Zarabi, CEO at Port53. "In order for organizations to truly realize the power of this integrated stack and what XDR promises, they need a partner like Port53 to deliver it."

During last week's annual Cisco Partner Summit, Cisco emphasized cybersecurity as its top priority in 2024. Knowing that most organizations need assistance running a SOC in-house, Cisco awarded Port53 its Premier Provider Certification, which is a testament to the confidence Cisco has in Port53 delivering their technology in a Managed Services manner. Although other partners are rapidly attempting to pivot into Managed Security Services, Port53, given its focus on Cisco Security for the past seven years, is ahead of the pack, having already brought customers onto its Managed Detection and Response (MDR) platform, built on top of Cisco XDR.

Cisco shares Port53's enthusiasm for this groundbreaking partnership and is working closely with Port53 to continue its innovative approach to solving the cybersecurity challenge for customers of all sizes.

As Port53 continues to make a dynamic impact in cybersecurity, the partnership with Cisco underscores a shared commitment to innovation, accessibility, and the ongoing protection of digital assets.

For more information about Port53 and its collaboration with Cisco, please visit: www.port53.com

About Port53:

Port53 is a leading cybersecurity company specializing in providing advanced security solutions to organizations of all sizes. From robust enterprise-level controls to advanced managed services, Port53 empowers IT teams to navigate and neutralize evolving digital threats.

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