Porcelain Bomb Wraps Production on Saknussemm Adaptation

Porcelain Bomb Productions has completed all filming and editing on "The Humble Assessment," an adaptation of the book by Kris Saknussemm. The film, shot in Las Vegas, is a kafkaesque look at the world of corporate life and how dehumanizing it can be for a cog in the machine.

(Las Vegas, NV – November 6, 2015) – Porcelain Bomb Productions has completed editing and finished post production on THE HUMBLE ASSESSMENT, a psychedelic satire of corporate culture based on Kris Saknussemm’s stage play and novel of the same name.

Richard Humble, played with subtlety and gravity by Mark Brunton, submits to a nightmarishly dehumanizing job interview and is deconstructed, revealing a desperate cog in the corporate machine.

A morality play of sorts, THE HUMBLE ASSESSMENT lays bare the inherent deceptions of corporate jargon’s Orwellian double-talk and, through the eyes of one average man, reveals the dire consequence of each human life.

“I set out to lampoon the ridiculous nature of today’s corporate employment practices,” says Saknussemm, “almost immediately however, I realized I was deep in the realm of Kafka and the Theatre of the Absurd.”

“Jason was able to achieve a beautiful balance between the psychedelically surreal and the all to human,” he added. “Exactly as I intended.”

“We are thrilled with the way the film came together,” raved director Jason DeFreitas. “Kris’s mad world came alive in a way that I think a lot of people will relate to. Mark Brunton’s performance was incredible, the way he struggles to maintain his humanity, in the face of absurdly abusive exploitation, is both hilarious and hauntingly poignant.”

THE HUMBLE ASSESSMENT will premier this month with an invitation only, private screening in Las Vegas before hitting the road for festival screenings .

For on-line information, please visit porcelainbomb.com