Popular 'Viral Video' Site Saves Pets Hit by Hurricanes

CEO Commits Company's Resources To Animal Charity and 'Hurricane Heroes Task Force'

MadlyOdd.com, a popular social media destination for “feel good” stories and amazing pet videos announced today they have dramatically increased contributions to Phoenix-based All About Animals Rescue charity.
All About Animals Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit “NO-KILL” shelter organization dedicated to rescuing homeless and unwanted animals. Their Hurricane Heroes Task Force is regularly dispatched to storm-devastated areas to provide emergency care, evacuate stranded pets and transport them to loving foster families.

"All About Animals Rescue is an amazing organization with hundreds of dedicated volunteers and thousands of animal success stories," commented Benjamin Spider, CEO of Madly Odd, Inc. "When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, they swung into action and saved lives. After Hurricane Irma slammed Florida, Madly Odd increased its financial contributions again. But now with Puerto Rico reeling from the destruction of Hurricane Maria -- and with more storms certainly on their way -- we need to thinking bigger."

In addition to increasing their financial contributions to All About Animals Rescue, Madly Odd continues to invest its significant marketing might into promoting the animal shelter and fund-raising for the Hurricane Heroes Task Force. Benjamin added, “We have always been an involved with animal charities and we have always given generously, but we are taking it to a whole new level. We have tens of millions of dollars in technology and talent here at MadlyOdd.com. We are putting everything into play. There are still pets waiting to be evacuated and time is running out."

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