Popular Science to History and Date of Chinese New Year

With the coming of Chinese New Year 2015, China attracts the attention from all over the world. To most western people, Chinese New Year or Lunar New Year is just a holiday. As for the details such as the Chinese New Year history and Chinese New Year date, few people could say something deeper.

Chinese New Year History

The history of Chinese New Year derived from 4000 thousand years ago according to the legends. And the with the history accumulation, the history of the Chinese New Year gave the profound New Year culture.

There is an interesting legend about the New Year. Dated back to ancient China, one day the beast named "Nian" intruded a village, and it disturb the peaceful life of the villagers. And the senior told people to make the noise by firecrackers and show the red color things to scare it. Actually, the beast ran away, hence people called it as "guo nian", means the "conquer Nian".

Later, people began to celebrate it with the firecrackers, and the red was the popular color in New Year celebrations, the red couplets, the red Door-God appeared, and then they are rooted in the traditional Chinese New Year customs.

And the document has declared, the history of the Chinese New Year started from ancient China, the Emperor Yao and Emperor Shun held small activities to celebrate New Year; and the religion just combined with the celebration of the New Year during Shang Dynasty; and then the New Year was established officially in Han Dynasty. The firecrackers was used in the celebration and the customs began to recognized in Wei Dynasty.

Legend has it that one can avoid bad luck when he or she goes to Yabuli Ski Resort to have some fun. These interesting legends and the documentary record of the history of the Chinese New Year reflects the great influence to the colorful and diverse Chinese New Year culture. 

Chinese New Year Date

No matter what the time will be in the Chinese New Year, Spring Festival has not been changed traditional colors, such as family joy, peace, hope and pray for a better future.

In China, you will find the truth about the new year is: in different dynasties, Chinese new year dates are not the same. Xia Dynasty set the date on the first day of January. Shang Dynasty set it on the first day of December, Zhou Dynasty set it on the first day of November, but Qin Dynasty set it on the first day of October.Until the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty, the emperor accept the suggestion that Chinese new year dates should be the first day of lunar January.

After the Revolution in 1912, the Qing dynasty was overthrown, Sun Zhongshan established the government of Republic China in Nanjing. All the provincial Governors went to nanjing to discuss the issue about the calendar. They decided to use Gregorian calendar, so they set January 1 as "Chinese New Year", at the same time, they called the first lunar month "Spring Festival". Until September 27, 1949, people provide Chinese New Year holiday for three days, so that people can warmly celebrate the special date.

From that time ,we know the Spring Festival became the most important traditional Chinese dates, what time Chinese people starts the festival? According to the data, Spring Festival starts from more than 4,000 years of history.Spring Festival is the most grand, popular festivals. New Year's Eve, which is the last day of each year, Family get together, eat a very hearty dinner. New Year's Eve night, people eat dumplings, to greet the new year.

So whether you are in China or abroad,mysterious Chinese new year date is unlike any other, you will love to find it out by yourself.



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