Popular Music Show Reaches Milestone, Gives Away Its Archives

"The Vinyl Guide" Celebrates 100 Episodes With Special Guest Henry Rollins and Gives Away Its Content

The Vinyl Guide Episode 100

Popular podcast The Vinyl Guide will publish its 100th episode on Monday, Nov. 6!

The podcast began in 2015 and has grown to be one of the most popular music podcasts on Apple iTunes, thanks in part to the recent resurgence of interest in vinyl records.

I derive unbelievable amounts of joy by listening to records. I don't think you can ever have too many records.

Henry Rollins, Artist, Record Collector

Hosted by Nate Goyer, The Vinyl Guide has featured musicians such as current and former members of Deep Purple, Pixies, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Ramones, Genesis, Anthrax, even legendary blues artists, jazz musicians from Blue Note Records and behind the scenes contributors. Guests discuss the records that influenced them and the stories behind the records that changed popular culture.

Special guest on Episode 100 will be punk rock legend Henry Rollins, former vocalist for Black Flag, Rollins Band, spoken word artist, author, television host and renowned record collector.

To celebrate 100 episodes The Vinyl Guide is committing to making their entire interview archives available for free online and with minimal copyright or artistic restrictions! 

Nate Goyer explains, “I have hours and hours of interviews with some of the most beloved musicians in history. Literally days and days of audio chock full of fascinating and rarely heard rock n roll tales. I want to make sure everyone has access to them.”

Making the files available for public use required removing standard copyright from each interview and replacing it with a ‘Creative Commons’ license that makes the material open for the public to enjoy and use.

Publicly available material in an archive this large will have some potentially revolutionary effects; aside from the availability of all interviews to be downloaded and enjoyed by anyone at any time, The Vinyl Guide interviews can also be traded on file-sharing networks, remixed by sound designers, translated freely into multiple languages, transcribed into magazine and online articles, and many more creative options. 

Even public radio can benefit as any station may now freely use The Vinyl Guide archives for their broadcasting purposes. “I could be the new nightshift for some of these stations that can’t afford a late night DJ,” says Nate.

High-quality files of all interviews will be available a few weeks after their initial air date.

Why is Nate giving away this treasure trove of music history? “Why not?”

That’s very rock ‘n’ roll.

The Vinyl Guide podcast can be enjoyed anywhere in the world on just about every smartphone and computer. The Vinyl Guide has free listening apps available for Apple and Android, subscribe directly using iTunes or you can use any podcast program or RSS reader. The Vinyl Guide is also on Facebook and Instagram.

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