New Update Page for 'COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak'

​COVID-19 Coronavirus is something that is at the front of many peoples' minds understandably. This has created a large demand for up-to-date and accurate information regarding infections and the spread of the virus. While PositiveSingles' main focus is helping singles with herpes connect for friendship, romance, and possibly more, they also care deeply about the world. Knowing their website has an extremely large reach, the team behind PositiveSingles is using it to help keep people informed about the Coronavirus.

 In eye-opening and interesting news, leading dating website for singles with herpes PositiveSingles recently announced the launch of their new “COVID-19 Coronavirus Outbreak” page. The new page is updated in real-time (with only a slight delay as information is reliably confirmed), in an effort to keep the extended PositiveSingles community and other visitors to the website stay as informed about COVID-19 Coronavirus as possible.

“COVID-19 Coronavirus is something that has the whole world concerned,” commented Suny Zhang, the supervisor of PositiveSingles. “Knowledge is power. So we are doing our best to share accurate information about Coronavirus so our members and other visitors to our website are as informed as possible.”

All of the epidemic data on the COVID-19 Coronavirus page comes from official and public reports from various countries and regions.

Details listed include countries effected, new cases, total cases, cases recovered, active cases, and total deaths.

The team at PositiveSingles hopes there won’t be a need for the COVID-19 page long as countries around the world collectively work for a vaccine.

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