Popular Curiosity Book by Tonerra to Be Required Reading in Global MBA Program

​As universities consider what it takes to become a global leader, the focus on behavioral issues has become critical. The University of Zambia (UNZA) has added Dr. Diane Hamilton’s recently released book, Cracking the Curiosity Code as required reading for their MBA program. Hamilton’s book has received much attention in the United States. Her work has been endorsed by executives including: Keith Krach, Ken Fisher, and Steve Forbes. This announcement comes on the heels of the recent addition of Hamilton’s work at The Forbes School of Business & Technology, as part of their Master of Human Resource Management (MHRM) degree program.

Hamilton is the founder of Tonerra and creator of the Curiosity Code Index® assessment. Her research determined the factors that impact curiosity. Her work in curiosity has become an attractive addition for undergraduate and graduate programs. Hamilton’s work has been required reading in multiple universities around the globe. Her book, It’s Not You It’s Your Personality, was required reading at the University of Advancing Technology in their Foresight in Technology course.

The Director of Global Business at UNZA, Dr. Lubinda Haabazoka, has embraced the value of developing curiosity in graduate students. UNZA has created cutting-edge curriculum in cooperation with Astria Learning and Dr. Jeff Bordes. Drs. Haabazoka and Bordes believe that Hamilton’s work can add value to students by providing them with marketable skills to improve their performance after graduation.

Students will learn the importance of curiosity and how to determine ways to overcome what holds them back from pursuing ideas and asking questions that could lead to their improved performance. As jobs are replaced by technology, future graduates can utilize their new-found curiosity to be better aligned with their passion at work and discover never-before-considered opportunities.

Hamilton’s company, Tonerra, offers certification training for HR and leadership professionals to give the CCI assessment. Individuals can take the assessment online and get their results instantly or participate in corporate training by a certified professional. To find out more about improving curiosity in the workplace, please go to http://curiositycode.com.

About Tonerra:

Tonerra is a U.S.-based innovative company founded by Diane Hamilton, Ph.D., as part of Dr. Diane Hamilton LLC to improve workplace performance. Dr. Hamilton’s research has been featured in a variety of peer-reviewed journals and is the basis of the Curiosity Code Index® (CCI) assessment, which is an instrument used to determine factors that impact curiosity. At Tonerra, Dr. Hamilton’s group aims to help companies strengthen their employees’ level of engagement, innovation and productivity. Their core capabilities include Corporate Education and Training. Follow Dr. Hamilton on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter @DrDianeHamilton or contact the Tonerra group at info@Tonerra.com, http://curiositycode.com, https://drdianehamilton.com/subscribe-download and http://tonerra.com

Source: Tonerra

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