Pond Healthcare Innovation Changes Its Name to NuvoAir

The Story Behind The (re)brand.

NuvoAir Spirometry Test

Today in Stockholm, NuvoAir AB announced the change of its company name from Pond Healthcare Innovation. This new name reflects NuvoAir’s  focus on respiratory care.  

"This re-branding leaves our past as a design agency behind us and sets a clear path forward focusing on respiratory care," says, Lorenzo Consoli CEO of NuvoAir.

The name NuvoAir was created to celebrate the need to breathe. It represents a new (Nu) understanding of people's journey (Vo- Voyage) towards a one of our most vital physiological activities- Breathing (Air). 

“With our first product, Air Smart, we helped thousands of patients around the world to easily discover their lung health. We are thrilled to announce the change in the company's name and to continue our goals of bringing healthcare innovation to people with respiratory diseases” continues Lorenzo Consoli.

Air Smart Spirometer captures information that can help patients understand how their lung health changes over time. More importantly, it allows patients to seamlessly connect with their physicians so that the latter can make better clinical decisions.

Launched in Europe in 2016, Air Smart has very quickly reached strong success in the market, with thousands of units sold among physicians and patients in over 20 countries. The device won numerous design awards including the Red Dot Award and the design S award in 2016.

Air Smart Spirometer is a CE-certified, class IIa medical device and developed according to ISO 26782:2009. For more information please visit www.nuvoair.com 

Source: NuvoAir


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NuvoAir is a digital therapeutics company dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by respiratory conditions. NuvoAir connected ecosystem makes sense of patient data to guide a more personalised approach to improving health-related outcomes