Pomelo Travel Announces #LiveForChange Video Campaign

Pomelo Travel LLC, a Utah-based travel company has released its summer campaign video entitled "Live For A Change" in conjunction with their #LiveForChange campaign. The video was created with the goal of inspiring people to connect with others by getting outside their comfort zones, becoming more unplugged from technology, and finding common ground with people they meet. The video project encourages people to experience the amazing realities of humanity that elude millions as we overuse technology and generalize the action of one individual for the action of all. It is Pomelo's goal to help end the trend of generalization by encouraging sincere interaction between people who may differ in religious, cultural, gender and ethnic backgrounds.

Chris Muhlestein, founder and CEO of Pomelo Travel said about the campaign, "This campaign communicates one of Pomelo's main goals of bringing together individuals to experience joy. That joy comes as we interact more often with others around us - no matter their societal status, religious and political backgrounds, or cultural heritage. The more we get out of our comfort zones, the more we see our commonalities and better appreciate our differences. That is what travel is all about."

The #LiveForChange campaign will run from July 11-July 18 and has a goal to undertake 1,000 acts of kindness. People can get involved by visiting pomelotravel.com/liveforchange for ideas of how to get outside their comfort zones and then post about their experience of living for a change.

About Pomelo Travel- Located in Utah, Pomelo Travel offers affordable ways to travel the world in groups or individually. Pomelo has created a proven system of finding amazing airline deals that save its more than 40,000 email subscribers an average of $500 on international flights from the USA. Pomelo also leads cultural excursions in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia and Laos to introduce a new culture and new way of thinking that help each excursionist learn.

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