Polytex Fibers Introduces the PurE Family of 100% PE Recyclable Packaging

Mono-material innovation extends sustainability leadership in pet food and consumer packaging

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Polytex Fibers, one of the largest suppliers of premium pet food and consumer packaging in North America, is introducing a full line of commercially available monomaterial films and bags. 

The PurE family of products is a range of 100% polyethylene (PE) films and bags which are 100% recyclable and retain all of the performance benefits customers have come to expect from multi-structure laminated films and bags.

PurE products leverage a decade of product development, and first of its kind extrusion capacity in the United States, to create an oriented PE film with equivalent properties to traditional PET films. What's different about PurE is what's not different:

  • PurE films achieve 30% less haze than traditional PE films enabling clear reverse print with seamless lamination;
  • PurE films have up to 90% less elongation than traditional PE films, which are similar to PET laminates to allow fast fill speeds on packaging lines;
  • PurE films can achieve a high melt index to create strong seals without sticking or melting during conversion and fill;
  • PurE films are up to 300% stiffer than traditional PE films allowing packages to stand up on the shelf;
  • PurE films can incorporate high oxygen barriers and moisture barrier properties; and
  • PurE films can incorporate up to 50% PCR and are compatible with our existing closed loop recycling programs.

Mike Ukropina, CEO of Five Star commented: "We are extremely proud of the advances we offer in 100% PE structures to support of our customers' 2025 sustainability pledges. The PurE family of products achieves our goal of fully recyclable packages with both industry-leading performance and appearance. We believe monomaterial packaging is an important part of our sustainability solution and extends our leadership alongside our closed-loop programs and bio-films packaging."

The Polytex PurE line of products is available today across all pet food packaging formats including quad seal bags and stand up pouches. 

Learn more about the PurE family of products in the video below and at www.polytex.com/sustainability

About the Five Star Family of Companies

Five Star is an integrated group of manufacturing companies with industry-leading flexible packaging, printed films, bag making and other plastic processing capabilities. Five Star is centrally located in Houston, Texas and vertically integrated across multiple facilities that encompass extrusion, printing and converting operations. Five Star provides innovative packaging solutions to Fortune 500 consumer packaged goods companies and large national retailers across the following five business entities:

  • StarPak combines leading edge printing and extrusion capabilities to produce technical films, bags, and pouches for consumer-packaged goods and industrial products companies.
  • Polytex provides innovative laminated woven sacks, quad seal bags, pouches, and other flexible structures for various consumer markets, including pet foods and treats.
  • Superbag is a leading manufacturer and converter of environmentally focused retail carry-out, grocery bags, t-shirt sacks, and extruded films.
  • Fresh Pak is a state-of-the-art recycling operation that manufactures extruded products from, and provides toll processing of, post-consumer (PCR) and industrial recycled resins.
  • Jumbo Bag provides bulk container bags that are custom designed to meet demanding customer applications.

Media Contact: Tim White (346) 701-7024

Source: Five Star Holding

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