Polyform Products Inc. Third 2019 Product Launch

Polyform Products is excited to introduce their third new product launch this year.

Polyform Products Inc.

This launch focuses on the Sculpey® cutter line. These cutters are so versatile and are great for DIY home décor, jewelry, paper crafting and more. There are five new stainless steel graduated cutter sets.   

  • Square  
    • Six cutters 6 Graduated sizes: .75″, 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″, 1.75″, 2″ 
    • Perfect for mosaic clay projects   Irregular Hearts
  • Irregular Hearts
    • 3 Graduated sizes: .5, 1” and 1.5″
    • Putting our design twist on the popular heart shape
  • Irregular Ovals
    • 3 Graduated sizes: .5, 1” and 1.5″ 
    • These organic shapes will add interest to any clay project
  • Irregular Rectangles
    • 3 Graduated sizes: .5, 1” and 1.5″ 
    • We are putting an organic spin on popular shapes
  • Irregular Triangles
    • 3 Graduated sizes: .5, 1” and 1.5″ 
    • These irregular shapes revitalize traditional shape cutters

“We are so excited to be expanding our line of Sculpey® cutters! We have also gotten some amazing projects done using all of the new items! These will be shared on www.sculpey.com,” said Jennifer Courington, Vice President of Marketing.

All of these products are now available for sale on www.sculpey.com.

About Polyform Products Company

Founded in 1967, Polyform Products Inc. encourages creativity with innovative clays, helpful tools, technique tutorials and projects to inspire and excite. Polyform produces and distributes oven-bake clays that stay soft until baked in a home oven. The award-winning family of Sculpey oven-bake clays, manufactured in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, sets the standard for polymer clay and can be used to create beautiful home decor, jewelry, paper craft embellishments, seasonal and sculpting projects. We supply the tools and you supply the creativity! For more information, visit www.sculpey.com.

Source: Polyform Products Inc.


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