Polyform Products Inc. Second 2019 New Product Launch

Polyform Products is excited to introduce their second new launch this year. This launch focuses on the Sculpey mold line and two new texture sheets.

Polyform Products Inc. New 2019 Product Launch

There are five new Silicone Bakeable Molds that can be used with both Sculpey® Oven Bake Clay and Liquid Sculpey Bakeable Medium. Each mold comes with a squeegee to use with the liquids. They are so easy to use – add clay or liquid and bake in a home oven. These molds allow you to quickly and easily add detailed elements to jewelry, home decor, paper crafting and more! The popular themes are:

  • Sea life -  Jelly Fish, Dolphin, Sea Horse, Wave, Coral, Sand Dollar, Shell, Turtle, Clown Fish, Star Fish
  • Boho Chic - Feathers, Heart, Agate, Dream Catcher, Moon, Stars, Arrow Border, 3 Ornamental Rounds
  • Whimsy - Fairy wings, Feather wings, Hearts, Sparkles, Man in the moon face, Woman face, Mermaid Tail
  • Flower
    • Flowers – Hibiscus, Daffodil, Hawaiian flower, Lily, Rose, Calla Lily, Water Lily, Water Zinnia, Daisy, Anthurium
    • ​Leaves – Gingko, Ivy (Clover), Poinsettia 
  • Pet/Baby
    •  Pet – Dog Bone, Paw Prints, Cat Head, Dog Head, Fish bone, Collar Tags, Dog and Cat Dishes
    • Baby – Hearts, Rattle, Rubber Ducky, Foot Prints, Stork, Blocks, Bow, Teddy Bear

There are two new Silicone Bakeable Molds designed specifically for use with Liquid Sculpey. The Jewelry Mold has six unique shapes in different sizes for maximum creativity. Each shape has a built-in post so no drilling is required. The Lace Mold has a beautifully intricate pattern that is repeatable, perfect for large or small projects.

Texture sheets are an easy way to add beautiful detail to clay creations. There are two new styles – Nature and Geometric. Each pack comes with two transparent sheets – one with a large pattern on it and one with six smaller patterns for maximum creativity. Each pattern is repeatable, perfect for making large sheets of patterns.

"We are so excited to be expanding our line of Sculpey® tools. We have also gotten some amazing projects done using all of the new items. These will be shared on www.sculpey.com," said Jennifer Courington, Vice President of Marketing.   

All of these products are now available for sale on www.sculpey.com.

Source: Polyform Products Inc.


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