Polyform Products Inc. Sculpey Kits for Kids Group Activities

Polyform Products is excited to introduce two new kid clay kits

Wildlife Whimsy Jewelry Kit

Polyform Products is excited to introduce two new kid clay kits. These kits are perfect for a group of kids to create together. Whether you are planning a birthday party, a rainy day activity, a camp activity or really any time your kids want to be creative. 

Wildlife Whimsy Jewelry Kit - This kit includes everything for 12 kids to make one adorable animal jewelry piece. Kids can choose between a sloth ring, koala earrings or a panda bracelet. 

Monster Maker Kit - This kit includes everything for 12 kids to make one of these fun monsters. Kids can choose their favorite one out of four funny face monsters.

Both kits feature Sculpey Bake Shop which is a soft and easy to use oven bake clay. It won’t dry out and stays soft and flexible until baked in your home oven. Bake Shop bakes at the low temperature of 275 F – lower than chocolate chip cookies.

These kits are perfect for kids to hang out and have a blast creating with clay. The best part about creating with Sculpey Bake Shop is that you can keep changing your creation until you are happy with it because it will stay soft until you bake it.

“The Polyform team so excited to be able to offer these new activity kits to help kids lessen their screen time and spend quality time creating!” said Jennifer Courington, Vice President of Marketing.   

These kits are available on www.sculpey.com 

About Polyform Products Company

Founded in 1967, Polyform Products Inc. encourages creativity with innovative clays, helpful tools, technique tutorials and projects to inspire and excite. Polyform produces and distributes oven-bake clays that stay soft until baked in a home oven. The award-winning family of Sculpey oven-bake clays, manufactured in Elk Grove Village, Illinois, sets the standard for polymer clay and can be used to create beautiful home décor, jewelry, paper craft embellishments, seasonal and sculpting projects. We supply the tools and you supply the creativity! For more information, visit www.sculpey.com.

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