POLOPLAST America Offers Better Piping Alternative as Steel Prices Rise

Strong, Durable Polypropylene Piping Helps Ease Tariff Pain

With steel prices on the rise, a leading global piping innovator now offers North American builders a strong and versatile alternative: durable, hygienic polypropylene.

In 2018, the U.S. federal government imposed a 25-percent tariff on foreign steel as well as other metals and materials. U.S. producers quickly raised their prices to match, breaking the building-materials budgets for commercial construction and investment across the country. The tariffs exacerbated the already-unstable global pricing for steel and with no end to the tariffs in sight, many industry experts expect steel prices to continue rising in 2019.

Now, POLOPLAST America offers a new, cutting-edge solution to the problem.

The company’s German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings are industry-standard products in Europe, Asia and the Middle East thanks to their supreme hygiene, insulation and ease of installation. More importantly, they provide superior strength and durability to steel pipes without being subject to tariffs or unpredictable price fluctuations.

“POLOPLAST America is entering the North American marketplace at just the right time because, in order to properly budget for large-scale projects, engineers, contractors and building owners need to reliably predict the price of materials years into the future,” says POLOPLAST America CEO Diego Grüebler. “Our PP-R products offer a much more predictable total installed cost than steel piping, and the advantages don’t end there.”

POLOPLAST America’s PP-R/PP-RCT piping systems offer a superior alternative to steel pipes for large-diameter applications in many ways. They are approximately 70 percent lighter than steel pipes and do not require any welding or open flames. PP-R pipes do not scale, corrode or release any volatile organic compounds, making them far more hygienic than steel. POLOPLAST America’s products also have a much longer lifespan than carbon steel — more than 60 years of virtually leak-free usage. At the end of their lifespan, the PP-R piping systems are fully recyclable.

“We’re so confident in the durability of our products that we offer a 10-year warranty on every system we sell,” says Mr. Grüebler. “How many steel piping providers can offer the same?”

For more information on POLOPLAST America’s stable, competitive pricing and product advantages, please visit www.POLOPLAST.us.

About POLOPLAST America

POLOPLAST America Inc. is a new subsidiary of POLOPLAST GmbH, an international piping-systems leader founded in Germany. In Europe, Asia, the Middle East and elsewhere, POLOPLAST products are the premium industry standard for builders who prize cost, life-cycle, sustainability and operational efficiencies. POLOPLAST America is charged with introducing POLOPLAST’s innovative, German-made polypropylene (PP-R/PP-RCT) pipes and fittings products into the North American marketplace, beginning with the United States. POLOPLAST America is headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Source: POLOPLAST America

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