PolarSeal Innovates Unique Diagnostic Testing Strip Machinery in the United States

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions is on the cutting edge of diagnostic testing with its bespoke and custom-built machinery.

PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions, a leading flexible material and adhesive solutions provider, advance their offering to provide the manufacturing of diagnostic components in the United States market. 

There are approximately 425 million people in the world who suffer from diabetes and that number is growing by the day. This means that right now, there are potentially 425 million people who make use of diagnostic test strips to measure their glucose levels. At a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%, the market for these easy-to-use test strips could be up to $31.8 billion in just six years.

Demand for easy-to-use diagnostic test strips has never been higher - not just tied to diabetes; there is a new emphasis on at-home diagnostic tools that the pandemic introduced to the medical community. Diagnostic test strips are compact strips of material that use electrodes and varying degrees of thickness and materials to help patients measure blood pressure, coagulation, cholesterol, glucose, ischemia…the list goes on.

These strips offer quick and understandable diagnoses for patients, giving them peace of mind and the freedom to pursue the lifestyle of their choice. 

The manufacturing of diagnostic test strips has become a useful tool for the medical device industry. Having the capacity to produce these strips quickly, efficiently, and at a lower cost, without having to sacrifice quality is essential. Finding a quality medical manufacturing and converting partner is a key factor to capitalizing on this growing market.

To achieve this, machinery is required that is unique and adaptable - no matter the length, width, thickness, or even material used - the capabilities of a company like PolarSeal Tapes and Conversions are varied with proprietary machinery that can be adapted to fit a client's exact needs. The diagnostic strips are manufactured to be precise as scientifically possible using machinery which manufactures the highest possible quality of products and components meeting the highest quality thresholds.

PolarSeal's creative and state-of-the-art machine use can be attributed to their R&D team - a team that can offer valuable industry insights and ideas for a product and its development. The research & development wing of PolarSeal has invested significant resources and run numerous tests to make certain that the machinery they use to produce diagnostic test strips is of the highest quality. 

PolarSeal is committed to customer satisfaction and offering the highest standards of quality that are expected in the medical device industry, upholding the commitment to medical device contract manufacturing and adhesive tape converting.

PolarSeal is offering top-end, contract manufacturing that guarantees tight tolerance diagnostic units for a fast-growing market sector. Their skill-set and capabilities are available to discuss the requirements of new projects for both a US and international client base.

Contact: Sam Power

Cell: +441252726000

Webpage: polarseal.net

Email: enquiries@polarseal.net

LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/polarseal

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