Polaris Home Design Receives New Home Flooring

Polaris introduces a wide range of multiple flooring options for bathrooms and kitchens.

Kitchen Tile Flooring

Polaris Home Design has a new arrival of home flooring that is now available for customers to see in person at the Polaris showroom. The new collection includes different types of flooring, including wood, tile and laminate, to suit customers with a range of budgets.

The new wood flooring in the Polaris Home Design showroom is both durable and stylish. Although it is a more expensive option, these floors can last for decades, making them a worthy investment. Wood flooring is both modern and timeless and makes a home look clean and sophisticated.

Customers can choose a variety of finishes for their wood flooring, from light wood to dark espresso colors. The choices will allow customers to select an option that will fit with the style of their home as well as their own personal tastes.

The new tile flooring is also quite varied. There are many different sizes of tiles and different designs, which allow customers to personalize their living spaces. The collection includes tiles with natural stone finishes and even tile options with wood finishes and textures. Tile is an excellent option for kitchen flooring and bathroom flooring, because it is very durable and repels moisture.

For customers who have a lower budget, laminate flooring is also available. Laminate is a more economical option, but it can still look polished and sophisticated. Polaris has an array of laminates to choose from in their new arrivals. Just like tiles, laminate comes in many designs; it can have the look and feel of a wood floor, stone and even have a mirror-like surface.

Polaris Home Design offers a free estimate of how much your new flooring will cost to purchase and install. They also offer free delivery to homes within a five-mile radius of their showroom. Fast installation is guaranteed.

Source: Polaris Home Design