Polaris Home Design Presents a New Line of Bathtubs

Polaris introduces the new line of bathroom tubs that come in a variety of materials, sizes and finishes.

New Collection of Bathtubs

Polaris Home Design has announced the release of a new line of bathtubs. Created by leading manufacturers in the industry—Duavit, Kohler, Aqua Eden, and Jacuzzi, to name a few—the new line will offer a wider variety of models for renovation projects. The new models include clawfoot bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, alcove, drop-in, and corner. According to one company spokesperson, it's easier than ever before to customize your home bathroom: "The stunning new selection at Polaris Home Design makes it possible for anyone to find the right fit for their home."

Clawfoot bathtubs are one of the most popular styles available today. With their traditional aesthetic, these tubs can add an air of elegance to any bathroom. No tearing down walls or caulking needed when installing this classic beauty making it a breeze for those converting a side-room to an extra bathroom-a great way to add value to any home.

The stunning new selection at Polaris Home Design makes it possible for anyone to find the right fit for their home.

Mike Wazowski, Vice President

For those who already have an established décor, the drop-in tub may be your best match. These tubs are made to fit into any enclosure you have, so you can add to the functionality of your home, without replacing existing structures. The added insulation of the surrounding structure will keep your water warm so you can soak for hours on end.

Bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the home. For bath lovers, this means maximizing the space available to create an airy and open feel you can enjoy while you unwind. Alcove tubs are made just for this reason. Utilizing every nook and cranny of the prime real estate that is the bathroom, alcove tubs are made to fit right in, giving everyone a space they can call their own.

These new soaking bathtubs come with a plethora of material options. Cost efficient acrylic and fiberglass are available for those interested in an easy instillation and an easy-to-clean tub. For home-owners looking to purchase the last tub they will ever need to buy, cast iron is available. Durable to dents and scratches, when you snuggle into a cast-iron tub it will hold you with a warm embrace as the iron heats to the waters temperature.

The tubs are available in various sizes, ranging from 50 to 80 inches wide, and offer color options in a white or black finish. With this level of customization, each new bathtub installment is sure to please everyone in the home. Once a bathtub model, material, size, and color have been carefully chosen, each project is finished off with matching accessories, like bathtub fillers and spouts. All the products and services offered make it possible for customers to begin, and end, a renovation project with everything they need in one place.

Source: Polaris Home Design