Pokemon Go Wreaking Havoc on Road Safety

DriveCare prevents Pokemon go from wreaking havoc on roads.

A Canadian company, ​Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc. (KRS), has just announced that their product, DriveCare, can be used to prevent drivers from playing Pokémon Go while behind the wheel. The new augmented reality game has shot to the top of the charts in the last weeks, resulting in more than 80 million people worldwide joining in. The game’s popularity has already caused several fatalities from players who were driving, highlighting the ever-growing need for a solution to distracted driving.

“Death and destruction is happening on roads and highways everywhere. New games such as Pokémon Go are taking hold and add to the carelessness of people playing games while driving,” says Angus Poulain, CEO of Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc. (KRS)

Poulain knows all about the dangers of using a cell phone while driving. His family suffered through a car crash in 2011 involving two of his children, a four car crash, and a driver who was texting and driving while running a red light.

DriveCare teaches safer driving practices for young and old drivers alike by removing the distracting elements of their phone while behind the wheel. This approach blocks access to phone calls, text messages and social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Now KRS is saying their product can be used to prevent Pokémon trainers from training while driving.

“We have taken an innovative approach to solving one of society’s biggest public health concerns, and we will continue to lead the way in all matters of road safety,” says Poulain.

Now available to commercial fleets and families worldwide, DriveCare aims to eliminate the dangers of cellphone use while driving and has already prevented tens of thousands of text messages from being read or responded to while driving.

“The KRS team will stop the dangerous habit of using a cell phone while driving,” says Poulain.

About Keeping Roads Safe:

Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc. was started in 2011 by Poulain, in search of a solution to end distracted driving by texting and cell phone use. The approach focuses not just on preventing access to a driver’s phone but by changing the behaviour of drivers to keep their phone out of sight and out of mind while behind the wheel. The company’s flagship product, DriveCare, eliminates the risk of talking, texting, or social networking while driving.

Source: Keeping Roads Safe Technologies Inc.

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