PointLine Global Announces Planned Product Launch Into the Home Goods Category

The newest product of PointLine Global will be announced in late November 2015. Its actual launch into the online retail market is slated for Black Friday, just in time for the upcoming holiday shopping season. The product will sell under the brand name PointLine Precision(TM), named with a nod toward its fine quality, workmanship and design, offering a clear edge over the competition.

PointLine Global, a premier product supplier to online retail, announced plans to expand into the Home and Kitchen category in 4Q 2015. The company has established a new category brand, PointLine Precision(TM).

After in-depth consumer research, PointLine Global has identified a group of products that present opportunities for improved consumer efficiencies and cost savings. Products will be introduced through Internet retailers and promoted extensively online.

"It's time that consumers took the reins and started to demand higher quality with greater accuracy and precision. PointLIne Precision(TM) products are everyday consumer tools and Home Goods which have been honed to a higher quality than available previously."

Lisa Chapman


The first product will be announced November 22, 2015, with plans to expand after the first product successfully launches in December 2015 through January 2016. The 2015 holiday online purchasing statistics are broadly believed to dramatically outperform all past years. Amazon.com has now outpaced WalMart as the largest retailer in the world, either online or off. 


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