Point3 Security Inc. Powers BSides Philly With Capture the Flag Tournament and Table Talk

Point3 Security Inc. powers BSides Philly cybersecurity event with capture the flag tournament followed by a talk from their CEO.

Point3 Security Inc. is an active participant in this weekend’s cybersecurity conference, BSides Philly. The Baltimore-based organization who prides itself on community outreach will power the Philadelphia cybersecurity conference’s capture the flag tournament. The challenge welcomes players from all levels of cyber skills. Point3 will power the capture the flag tournament with its new product Escalate, which was launched on Black Friday of 2018. A speech by Point3 Security’s CEO, Evan Dornbush will also take place at the cybersecurity conference where he will present "Ready Player 0x01: How Gamified Ecosystems Will Save Us All." The event is to take place on February 1, 2019, at Drexel University.

“Point3 is committed to building a continued relationship with the cyber community through our re-branding efforts. We recognize the needs of the community and believe the launch of our new website will help connect and address the needs of our audiences,” said Erika Johnson, Director of Marketing & Brand Management of Point3 Security.

Escalate has been well received by the cyber community, helping organizations to recruit, retain, and cultivate talent through the use of capture the flag challenges, pre-hire screening, talent measurement, and retention. The product is a proven immersive ecosystem that delivers gamified cyber-skill challenges with an online community of mentors. The product currently contains 102 challenges and produces new content each month. Striving to educate and bring awareness of cybersecurity threats, Escalate enhances skillsets amongst all levels of professionals and reinforces talent amongst organizations. Escalate is the gold standard to solidifying talent. Point3 intends to continue its efforts in showcasing talented individuals through school programs, proving talented can be cultivated without a degree.

About Point3 Security Inc.

Founded in 2014, Point3 Security Inc. is a premier information security organization providing the industry with training and analytic tools to enhance their workforce. Recognizing the industries’ increasingly complex threats, Point3 Security Inc. provides challenge/game-based material that identifies and cultivates cybersecurity talent amongst professional organizations. For more information, please visit https://www.ittakesahuman.com.


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Erika Johnson
Director of Marketing & Brand Management

Email: erika@point3.net

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