Poetry Showcases Innovative Reinterpretation of Science and Society

Zeena Nackerdien, a scientist turned novelist, synthesized relationships, headlines, mythology, history, science, religion, and sports, through her mental prism as a South-African-born US citizen in an innovative poetry book, Mist over Peace.

According to the Institute for Economics and Peace, only 11 countries are not actively involved in one conflict or another. If the world seems less peaceful than several decades ago, it is worth examining some of the causes and possible solutions through the filters of rationality and human emotions. When vitriol and violence are transformed to mutual understanding and clear-eyed examination of challenges in obtaining a healthier and happier society, humanity may progress towards a sustained peace. Many stories need to be integrated to achieve this goal and this book forms part of that foundation.

Adults of all nationalities are invited to examine and contemplate the impact of war, science, technology, and religion on individual and societal health described in separate poems in Mist over Peace.

"He was only twenty seven when the city fell, Molding the psyche of a scribe whose words would bring a nation joy Inspiring Gandhi and others eager for the ringing of a peace bell His name was Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy."

Zeena Nackerdien, writer

Mist over Peace is available as an e-book through Booktango Publishers (www.booktango.com), Amazon, and specific e-retailers.

For more information about Mist over Peace and other books by the author, contact bloedsiekte@gmail.com

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About Zeena Nackerdien

Zeena Nackerdien is a freelance science writer who develops online and print content examining health and societal issues within a story-telling framework.

Zeena Nackerdien

Brooklyn, NY


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