Poet Forest Shipp Releases 'dandelions and me'

New poetry book is sequel to Missing Myself

dandelions and me

dandelions and me is a heartbreaking poetry book by Forest Shipp. It is the sequel to his first poetry book, Missing Myself. The release date is set for July 23, 2021, with worldwide availability.

"It's not about the fame, the money, or silly things like getting that little blue checkmark by my username. I do this because I want to be understood by someone, by anyone," said Forest. "It's always difficult to put myself out into the world as an introvert. Especially a deaf introvert. Yet I do this because I want to inspire others and to bring some level of comfort to myself. I love going to bed knowing that what I create has made a positive impact on the world."

dandelions and me is a 6 x 9 softcover book with cream-colored pages. It contains beautiful original linework with a focus on topics from mental health to the struggles of being a college student. The book is split into three main sections, which are: Here Again, Misery, and Passion Problems.

Forest Shipp is a deaf author who was born in China but raised in Saint Louis, Missouri. He is the proud owner of FEAC LLC, a fourth-year college student, and a future graphic designer. Forest can be contacted at ForestShipp1071@gmail.com or on social media @professional_deaf_asian.

This book, dandelions and me, can be found on Amazon or by going to Forest's social media, with Instagram being his most actively used platform.

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