Poet David Russo Releases 'Tokin' of My Esteem: Hybrid Theory,' Poetry on the Coming-of-Age of Medical Cannabis

Russo will donate a portion of proceeds to POW420 for combatting cannabis-related incarceration.

David Russo, a retired attorney, member of SAG-AFTRA, author, and passionate poet who works to share his philosophies with interested listeners and readers today, this week officially published his highly anticipated chapbook of poetry, "Tokin’ Of My Esteem: Hybrid Theory," poetry on the “coming-of-age” of medical cannabis in our world today.

Dedicated to bringing about social change and spreading awareness on the long-maligned cannabis plant, Russo aims to do just that through carefully constructed, entertaining, and funny poetry.

“Through humor, poetry, and prose, as well as beautifully stylize illustrations, this book aims to bring about social change and focus on the benefits of this misunderstood plant,” said Russo. “Additionally, I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to POW420, an advocacy group that works with individuals caught up in the cannabis offense law system.”

POW420 assists those convicted of cannabis-related offenses, as well as their families today. The nonprofit focuses on prisoners and their families by exposing the tyranny of unjust laws that is cannabis prohibition. POW420 hosts a podcast called Pot Talk Radio, that donates to organizations that help victims of the pot legal system, and works to spread education on the misunderstood industry of medical marijuana.

Tokin’ Of My Esteem: Hybrid Theory has additionally received the endorsement of Tommy Chong, Cheech and Chong, and contains content written and donated by Chong to Russo.

“As Chong has said, ‘No one should be in jail for growing a plant,’” said Russo. “Being a topical read today, I am hoping to share my passion and humor for cannabis with as many interested readers as possible.”

For more information, visit: daverussopoet.com or email to poetdmr1@gmail.com.

Source: David Russo


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