Podiatrists in Atlanta Enhance Safety Policies Amidst Coronavirus

Ankle and foot doctors in Atlanta have heightened safety procedures to observe CDC recommendations to limit exposure and promote social distancing during COVID-19.

Atlanta Podiatrists Covid19

As the state of Georgia joins the nation with navigating the non-stop challenges of the Coronavirus outbreak, its podiatry patients are feeling the impact in both their personal and professional lives.

Accessing care has never been more confusing and deciding when a medical condition requires one to leave their home for treatment is something that patients across America are poised with.

Recently, a group of Podiatrists in Atlanta, adjusted how their clinics operate to strictly observe the CDC guidelines for social distancing and reduced contact. The Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia, founded in 1982, are adapting rapidly to the new and ever-changing standards of patient safety.

One such practice these physicians have embraced is encouraging patients to come to their appointments alone and unaccompanied unless medically necessary.

We are really trying to protect our patients, our staff, our families, we are just wanting everybody to remain safe in this scenario

Dr. Ketan Patel, DPM


These doctors have also limited the number of patients scheduled each day to reduce exposure to the facilities, along with minimizing wait times. By reducing the patient load inside the clinics, the podiatrists are able to focus on the most critical of cases.

Virtual office visits known as "Telehealth" have allowed patients to access to their podiatrist without having to leave their home. This has proven to be most effective for non-emergent cases that do not require immediate attention.

In order for patients to engage in a Telehealth appointment, they simply require basic access to a smart phone, tablet, or a computer with a webcam and high-speed internet connection. "I enjoy helping our patients visit with our doctors virtually. For me, it's gratifying to know we are still able to positively impact people's health remotely," explains Courtney Dominguez, a seasoned Registration Specialist working the front lines.

The Atlanta-based podiatry group is taking additional precautions including having their entire staff wear facemasks and are asking that patients wear a mask into their appointments too. Thorough screenings are also being performed to ensure patients with possible exposure to the COVID-19 are not being admitted into the clinics.

As the future stabilizes for the citizens of the world, it is clear the healthcare landscape will continue to evolve at light speed with new systems and technologies developing daily. Will other physician practices adapt to this new environment like the Atlanta Podiatrists at the Ankle & Foot Centers of Georgia? We certainly hope so. This team of physicians practices patient-centered care that sets the national model for foot and ankle medicine.

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