Podiatrist in Silver Spring, Maryland Discusses The Use of Custom Molded Orthotics For Heel Pain

Dr. Michael Frank, a foot doctor from Family Foot and Ankle Associates of Maryland, is able to offer his patients the latest and most effective treatments for heel pain.

The majority of foot ailments can be cured or relieved by simply wearing a better shoe. That is why podiatrists often prescribe orthotics to patients who have problems with foot pain or injury. The foot inserts and orthopedic shoes one might find at a store aren’t always the best solution, so one may need to be fit for a custom orthotic. Learn a bit about the process for fitting orthotics in advance of one's next appointment with podiatrist Dr. Michael Frank, DPM.

Purpose of Orthotics
The purpose of an orthotic device is to relieve pain and aid in the healing of many common foot-related problems. Orthotics work by modifying the way that one walks and giving them comfort. The more one wears the device, the more their foot health and function improves.

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Dr. Michael Frank

Custom Orthotics
There are a variety of different orthotic devices available from podiatrist Dr. Frank, including arch supports, soft inserts and in some cases fully formed orthopedic shoes. They fall into three main categories:

- Soft orthotics (made to help you balance and relieve pressure in sore areas)
- Rigid orthotics (control the function of your feet).
- Semi-rigid orthotics (ideal for athletes who need to manage foot pain and stay balanced while competing).

The Fitting Appointment for Orthotics
Custom orthotic devices require a mold of ones foot to be created and then an appointment for a fitting. First, Dr. Frank checks ones favorite pair of shoes (the ones you’re most likely to wear every day). It has to be modified to accept the orthotic device. Next the custom orthotic is added to the shoe and they will be asked to walk around wearing it to ensure a comfortable fit. In some cases the podiatrist can use heat molding to adjust the orthotic as needed. Over the next few days the feet fully adjust to the fit of the device.

Let Dr. Frank Make Your Feet Happy Again
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