"Pocket Programming" Learn to Code With Smartphone Has Been Released

We, ffab0 (location: Berlin Germany, Co-Founders: Keisuke Hoshino, Yuto Kitakuni), has released "Pocket Programming" which helps beginners of programming to fix the knowledge they learned in the tutorials on October 1st, 2015 on Google Play Store.

[No PC! No writing code! You can learn programming anywhere with relaxing on the sofa, in the train, break time at school.]

Pocket Programming is an application you can learn how to code anywhere with smartphone.

These are features of Pocket Programming.

  • 10 questions a day, 4 weeks program

  • Study with a light heart by 3 choices type quiz of Questions & Answers. You don't have to type any code.

  • Analyze the fields that you are poor at by original algorithm

  • Support on overcoming methods of the fields you are not good at

  • Able to review anytime and many times

  • Specialize to globally popular Ruby and Ruby on Rails

It’s a completely new way of learning how to code which is never existed before.

[Solve the 2 biggest problems for beginners of programming]

There are two problems when beginner will try to learn the programming. First, there is a huge difference between to write code by themselves and to follow the tutorials because the methods watching video clips or reading books are passive learning.

Second, there are some services which can write code with watching video clips, however, they only show the correct way. That’s way, of course, students never seen errors.

To solve above two problems, Pocket Programming serves as a bridge between “the beginners who have finished tutorials or books” and “professional programmers”.

[Based on the experience of programming teacher, provide the best questions]

We hold study meeting of programming for beginners many times as a teacher.

Based on the experience, the points that are easy for beginers to stumble and difficult to remember are compressed.

-- Basic information --

Application Name: Pocket Programming - Rails -

Genre: Application for learning programming​

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=ffab0.pocketprogramming

Official website: http://pocket-programming.ffab0.com?src=press20151001_en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pocket_pro

Recommended: Android4.0 or later

Price: $3

Copyright notation: ©ffab0

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Address: Christburger Straße 5, 10405 Berlin, Germany

Co-Founders: Keisuke Hoshino, Yuto Kitakuni

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