PlusSpec Lite Promises to Create More Affordable Housing by Solving the Communication Disconnect Between Homeowners and Professionals & Reduce the Cost of Building

Visualize and Communicate Your Dream Home or Remodeling project for just $10

RubySketch announced today that it has launched a new 3D Home Design & Interior Design DIY software that plugs into SketchUp and will help create more affordable housing by reducing the cost of building and ongoing energy costs, and also allow Homeowners to communicate more effectively with Design & Construction professionals.

The software is called PlusSpec Lite, and it allows Homeowners to easily see their dream home come to life in 3D. However, it also allows them to manage costs to avoid budget blowouts — one of the biggest stresses faced by anyone looking to build or renovate.

“For BIM to be successful, BIM must be accessible”, said Andrew Dwight, founder of RubySketch. “We designed PlusSpec Pro for full-time professionals, but since we launched PlusSpec in 2015, we have had tens of thousands of requests for a version that suited non-professionals that do not make a living from designing or construction, yet still needed some of the functionality and power that our Pro users enjoy. Homeowners, Renovators & Hobbyists, Mums & Dads and Architectural Enthusiasts needed a solution that can help them visualize their ideas and connect them with the Pros. So we decided to do something about it”.

Homeowners struggle to express their ideas in ways that are meaningful to Design & Construction professionals. Sketching thoughts for a dream home is super difficult and normally just gets thrown in the bin. With PlusSpec Lite, there is no better way to communicate with an Architect, Designer or Builder.  PlusSpec Lite lets everyone communicate like a pro and will save Homeowners thousands of dollars on a New Home or Remodel project. And it only costs $10!

“Technology is about delivering solutions to problems”, said Andrew. “And PlusSpec Lite is the most affordable and sophisticated BIM & Takeoff solution in the world that addresses the needs of the non-professional market”.

Get started with PlusSpec Lite for just $10

About RubySketch

RubySketch is a passionate advocate of a stronger and more unified approach between design professionals, the construction industry, and building product manufacturers - and has established itself as one of the foremost product content providers and content solution consultants in the world. Since September 2010, RubySketch has been trailblazing the industry, by passionately connecting Manufacturers with the Design and Construction Industries, so that real products can be better used within 3D BIM projects. With this drive, it continues to dominate the industry, producing the most intuitive and powerful 3D content for BIM software.

With the release of PlusSpec in 2015, RubySketch has pioneered a new 3D revolution for Residential Design and Construction professionals.

PlusSpec has been designed by architects, builders and estimators, for architects, builders and estimators - and it is the only design and construction software that truly adopts the use of real products from building manufacturers.

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Media Contact: Drew Povey of RubySketch.

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About RubySketch

RubySketch is a building product content provider and solution consultant for the design and construction industry. PlusSpec, by RubySketch, is an award-winning 3D technology for the design, construction, estimating & manufacturing processes.

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