Plus Positive Water™️ Flows Out to a Welcoming Florida Keys

Plus Positive Water™️ has a warm reception after being introduced in the Florida Keys in the late summer of 2021

Since being introduced in late summer 2021, Florida Keys businesses continue to embrace Plus Positive Water™️. Born from the Hillsborough River, which is in turn fed from Crystal Springs in Zephyrhills and the watershed across central Florida, and finally purified and bottled in Tampa, Plus Positive Water™️ has a perfectly balanced PH with no added salts or additives, which provides for a crisp, clean, quality taste that is preserved in the 100% recyclable #1 PET and Certified BPA Free bottles. 

Plus Positive Water™️ rolled out in the middle and upper Florida Keys this summer to a warm welcome and instant popularity. One of the first establishments to carry Plus Positive Water™️ was Trading Post Grocery Store, a family-owned landmark celebrating its 50th year serving the Florida Keys in world-famous Islamorada. "At The Trading Post, we are excited to be one of the first to offer what we see as a new major name in the bottled water business. Plus Positive Water™️ is great and can't wait to see where it goes from here," said Betsy Jacocks, owner. In addition, Plus Positive Water™️ has made it onto shelves in convenience store gas stations in Marathon Florida Keys, including Mobil, Valero, and Chevron stations. In Marathon, Plus Positive Water™️ has also been stocked in shops like Sweet Savannah's.

Alex Gorrin, owner of Key Largo Harbor Marina, one of the largest full-service marinas in the Florida Keys, said, "I took my son for dessert to Key Largo Chocolates and tried Plus Positive Water™️ there for the first time. I immediately knew I had to carry this water at my marina for all my customers and have done so ever since."

Islamorada Brewery & Distillery is among other outlets in the middle and upper Florida Keys to join in carrying Plus Positive Water™️. Eric Kruger, manager of Florida Bay Outfitters, which also carries the new brand, says, "Plus Positive Water™️ has become my go-to water."

"We're extremely encouraged with the current pace that Plus Positive Water™️ has been accepted in the community," states Jorge Diaz, managing member, Plus Positive Water™️. "Our goal now is to acquire distributors and corporate accounts to further bring this premium brand of water to people everywhere. With so many challenges, companies are facing maintaining inventories with supply chain difficulties. It just makes sense to have another premium brand on hand to supplement current products as well as guarantee choices for their customers. Having an established Florida production facility behind us provides the ability to satisfy our customers."

Diaz says Plus Positive Water™️ looks to expand through South Florida and the Miami area with a local distributor group that is representing the new brand at the South Florida 7-11 franchise owners show in December 2021.

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Randy Segal

Source: Plus Positive Water™️

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Plus Positive Water™️ provides the highest quality, best tasting, perfectly balanced PH purified water available in 100% #1 PET Recyclable Bottles that are Certified BPA Free.
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