PledgeBox Announces New Features to Accurately Manage Crowdfunding Backers' Data and Boost Campaigns

PledgeBox recently added new features to their powerful pledge manager software that allows Kickstarter project creators to increase funding, collect and manage backer information and upsell additional product accessories. This low-cost, time-saving crowdfunding solution is reaping big rewards for top campaigns. 

Even the most successful projects on Kickstarter find it difficult to collect and manage information about their backers, take advantage of valuable upsell opportunities and avoid fulfillment pitfalls. The built-in tools provided by Kickstarter and other platforms may be adequate for simple product campaigns but lack robust features and important data needed to provide aftersales service and timely delivery to backers. Previously, creators needed to partner with logistics consultants or specialized agents to ensure a successful product launch. These collaborations are expensive and require significant investments in time and management.

PledgeBox solves these problems with a robust suite of tools designed specifically for crowdfunding that lets creators effortlessly manage surveys, backer information, and gain additional upsells in one place with a few simple clicks. It’s the best choice for teams on a budget with the low-cost setup fees and commission structures to suit any campaign, including options with free setup or 0% commission.

In spite of its low cost, PledgeBox offers creators powerful tools to take their campaign to the next level. The PledgeBox solution is easy to use and automatically scans and imports all relevant information from a campaign and guides users through a simple configuration process for their particular campaign needs.

Then, with a few clicks, a fully customizable survey is created and sent to backers. These automatic surveys are emailed to each backer to confirm reward levels, verify shipping addresses and give backers the opportunity to make add-on purchases. The platform saves time and money while collecting and organizing actionable data that can be used to communicate with backers after the campaign or contact them about new campaigns or product releases. The software provides creators and project managers with real-time, up-to-date reporting and accurate information for manufacturing fulfillment and delivery.

“It’s the best choice for teams on a budget with the low-cost setup fees and commission structures to suit any campaign, including options with free setup or 0% commission.”

PledgeBox is a proven way to increase funding, upsell additional products, improve post-campaign logistics and stay in touch with loyal backers. The company has worked successfully with over 20,000 campaigns and have simple flat-rate fee structures that satisfy the needs of campaigns with funding objectives that range from a few thousand dollars to multi-millions. Find out today how PledgeBox can supercharge campaigns for success.   

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