Playground, a Social Fitness Tracker, Launches for iPhone

Playground Health launches its first app for iPhone: Playground, a free cooperative and competitive fitness tracker designed around your existing social circles

Playground for iPhone

Playground Health, a Tucson-based startup, releases Playground for iPhone. At the heart of Playground is social fitness. Playground Health believes in the “Quantified We”: the idea that maintaining an active lifestyle is easier (not to mention more fun) with the friends you’re already connected to than by yourself.

Playground is designed to leverage the iPhone and Apple Watch in conjunction with your existing Facebook friends to create fun and social games between friends and family. In addition to competitive and cooperative challenges, the app allows users to join over 50,000 communities, including cities around the world and universities in the United States.

The release of Playground for iPhone follows a successful public beta. When asked about their experiences, beta users said, “Playground is an easy, low-commitment social experience that gets you moving” and “Playground has definitely encouraged me to be more active. It's a super fun way to encourage me to keep track of my exercise and steps and to see what my friends are doing as well.”

About Playground Health, LLC: Playground Health, LLC was founded in 2016 with the goal of getting the world moving through community, togetherness and friendly competition. Based out of Tucson, Arizona, this group of friends and experienced professionals is passionate about technology and active lifestyles.

Source: Playground Health LLC


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Playground Health aims to make fitness fun again. We create consumer apps that help people to get fit by connecting users with their friends and family so that whole communities can get fit together.

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