PlaybookBuilder Announces Breakthrough Integration of ChatGPT in a Business Process Software

Map a Core Process in Seconds Using PlaybookBuilder Powered by AI

PlaybookBuilder powered by AI

PlaybookBuilder, the video-first business process platform, today announced at the EOS Worldwide Conference it has incorporated ChatGPT into its application, thereby compressing the time it would normally take to create a business process down from hours to seconds.

The integration with the AI-powered language model ChatGPT enables PlaybookBuilder users to instantly build a wide variety of business processes, including standard operating procedures, employee manuals, and compliance procedures, among others.

"We've listened intently to our clients since founding PlaybookBuilder, and their input informed every single step of our journey to date. So naturally, we are ecstatic to roll out ChatGPT into PlaybookBuilder. Incorporating AI into our application solves the single biggest challenge our clients face - trying to create business processes from scratch or generic templates," said Jon LoDuca, CEO of PlaybookBuilder.

Key features of the 2023 ChatGPT rollout Include:

  • Playbook framework creation is now live. This feature enables our users to develop a playbook in seconds using natural language inputs with a simple setup wizard.
  • Video script generation will enable our users to quickly create video scripts to simplify and streamline their efforts. This feature will be available later in 2023.
  • Email writing capability will roll out later in the year, contributing to PlaybookBuilder's ultimate goal of frictionless and fluid playbook creation.

With PlaybookBuilder's business process software incorporating ChatGPT, businesses can expect to see monumental improvements in process efficiency and accuracy. The new product is available for purchase on the PlaybookBuilder website; interested parties may sign up for a free 30-day trial to experience the benefits firsthand.

About PlaybookBuilder         

Founded in 2009, PlaybookBuilder is the video-first business process platform for small and medium-sized businesses. PlaybookBuilder's simple and intuitive content authoring tools, matched with powerful communication and reporting features, make it a favorite among growth mindset organizations. Today, PlaybookBuilder is used by tens of thousands of users in five countries and over 30 industries.

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