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Estelle Keese fondly called Mama E is launching First and Goal, a relationship and marriage enrichment game. The event is to be held on Super Sunday, February 7th at Wyndham Riverwalk Conference Center in Jacksonville, Florida. The game provides insi

US, January 2010 - Life is like a game where everyone wants to play and win. In life winning is to have happy, excitement filled and growth supporting relationships. These goals are also of paramount importance for the growth and support of a marriage. But often many fail for lack of awareness to play the game of life. This is what led to the First and Goal seminars.

Consider these questions to realize how similar life is to a game of football. How do you score a touchdown in the relationships which matter most? What are rules of the game? In your relationship, what position do you play? Thus First and Goal seminar is more of a fun filled workshop. The event is led by Estelle Keese, AKA Mama E, a fast rising Internet relationship coach and author hailing from Jacksonville Florida who has been bringing new meanings to relationships across the country. Her fresh and spirited relationship coaching is something never seen before and hence set to go places around the world. This year on Super Sunday Feb 7th First and Goal Couples Games will see many couples enjoying a benefitting session with Mama E. The highly interactive game which will take your relationship to a new level will be held at Wyndham Riverwalk Conference Center, Jacksonville, Florida.

Mama E being an avid blogger writes a several more relationship blogs including & The blogs provide vast resources in the areas of couples counseling, marriage guidance & relationship advice. There are various articles addressing specific needs such as how to balance work and home. Her decade long experience in dealing with couples and marriage enrichment is reflected well in these resources. Visitors to the site can also watch many videos, talk and have the option of buying resources online. The categories of topic addressed in the blog include such topics as the importance of communication in relationships, relationship strategies, relationship psychology and lots of I love you poems.

First and Goal game, a brainchild of Mama E is already receiving rave reviews everywhere. She draws amazing parallels between football and life, conveying great truths. She asks us to think of the importance of the quarterback in a football game. So, if we apply NFL rules, verbiage and titles to relationships, a very interesting and entertaining series of circumstances appears. For example, are you the quarterback in your relationship or do you allow your spouse/significant other to assume this position? With such thought provoking analogies Mama E is set to help many couples experience wins in their relationship. No wonder the seminar will be a Super Party for Couples Feb 7th in Jacksonville Florida, considering that there is unlimited fun, free eats etc.

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First and Goal is the blog of First and Goal Focus groups, a fast growing international relationship and marriage enrichment and coaching workshop, based on themes derived from American style football. It's run by Estelle Keese, AKA Mama E, a fast rising Internet relationship coach and author. Other blogs from her include and

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