PlantVine Fights Cold Weather Plant Hazards With Its Spring Pre-Order Program

With one brutal winter storm following another, PlantVine is instituting a Spring Pre-Order program to ensure plants arrive in peak condition. In addition, by utilizing a Pre-Order process, PlantVine is able to pass on bulk savings to customers. 

Shipping tropical plants into areas with freezing temperatures is incredibly problematic. "When the news headlines start screaming, 'Another Arctic blast coming, followed by a possible bomb cyclone,' we pay close notice," comments Darryl Tackoor, PlantVine co-founder. "Unlike others in the industry, we will not have our plants arriving blighted by cold damage. We take incredible care to ship our plants so they arrive in optimum condition. However, we have no control over delivery services' warehouses, or companies that might leave our plants at customers' doors in early morning, with customers arriving home only hours later." 

Understandably, winter is often a high-demand period for indoor plants. While some plant shippers actually close for the entire season, there are companies that do continue to ship in harsh winter conditions. Specimens often arrive with cold damage that can never be reversed. The affected plant breaks out in lethal black spots that spread. The plants do not recover.

"As you'd expect, Darryl Tackoor said, "COVID has also taken a toll on our industry, causing widespread plant shortages. When we considered this, coupled with sub-par winter shipping conditions, we decided to institute a Pre-Order program. Not only will this positively impact availability, but we're able to offer our customers lower prices."

PlantVine's Spring Pre-Sale runs through March 1, and orders will begin shipping as early as March 15, 2022. Customers can go online to and make their orders using the code SPRING2022. 

PlantVine was established in South Florida in 2017. Co-founders Danny Munevar and Darryl Tackoor combined their business and tech experience with a deep knowledge of, and love for, horticulture and garden design. The company utilizes innovative, environmentally friendly packing techniques to ensure customers receive a healthy plant. Plants are backed by a 30-day ironclad guarantee that ensures unequaled customer satisfaction. 

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Source: PlantVine