Plants To Porch Selling Artificial Flowers and Plants With Striking Realism

The company offers lifelike plants, trees, and succulents for indoor and outdoor use

Artificial Flowers and Plants

Plants To Porch, an online fixture in the botanical industry for over 35 years, designs artificial flowers and plants that are a low-maintenance and natural aesthetic, including fake plants, faux greenery, long-artificial floor plants, and artificial trees for home decor.

Offering free shipping on orders over $40.00, the online company is known for their excellent customer service, reliable delivery and their ability to expertly craft artificial flowers and plants from choice materials, endowing their products with an artistic expression inspired by nature. All faux plants, flowers, and succulents are assembled in the United States and supported post-sale by Plant To Porch's customer service team.

According to experts at Plants To Porch, the market for artificial plants is no longer limited to potted flowers or tiny succulents. In fact, according to recent data, the global market size for succulent plants in 2019 was valued at around $3 billion USD, and is forecasted to hit nearly $8.5 billion by 2027. Other products, such as designer and finished trees, floral and greenery stems, porch-ready plants, and unpotted trees have since entered the faux greenery market to fit a wider range of design needs.

Plants To Porch offers the full range of these options, along with planters, buckets, wooden flower boxes, and vases. These accessories are all available in a range of styles, from the classic wood look to contemporary metal and sleek rustic touches. The company also offers ready-to-place designer trees with lifelike quality, and treats outdoor artificial flowers and plants with special UV protectant to prevent sun damage.

Interested readers are invited to visit to learn more about the company, browse their current 20% off summer sale, or contact the team with any questions.

About Plants To Porch

Plants To Porch has served the permanent botanical industry for the past 35 years, praised for their attention-to-detail, high-quality materials, and dedicated team of customer service professionals. The company undergoes assembly in the United States and takes deep pride in crafting only the most realistic faux botanical products.

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