Plant Sciences, Inc. Unveils Restructuring, Broadening North American Growers' Access to Its Diverse Berry Variety Portfolio

 Plant Sciences, Inc. (PSI) and its affiliate berry breeding interests today announced that they are restructuring to form a new entity, Plant Sciences Genetics, Inc. (PSG), that will serve North American and key international berry markets with its portfolio of strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry, and black raspberry genetics.

PSG will hold all berry breeding populations and related intellectual property previously held by Plant Sciences, Berry Genetics, Strawberry Sciences, Via Berry Breeding, Vitae Caneberry Breeding, and Fragaria Plant Sciences. In total, PSG will consist of 15 distinct breeding populations consisting of eight strawberry, three blueberry, two raspberry, one blackberry, and one black raspberry. The newly formed entity will be able to deliver its berry varieties to an expanded number of growers and marketers throughout North America and key international markets. PSI will serve PSG, under contract, providing research and propagation services to the new entity.

"We are highly motivated to serve and engage with new customers, offering licensed access to our ever-expanding portfolio of competitive berry varieties to the broader open market for the first time. While embracing this opportunity, we remain committed to the success of those we have served for many years," said Steve Nelson, Chief Executive Officer of Plant Sciences, Inc.

In late August, PSI will hold regional grower meetings in Watsonville, Santa Maria, Oxnard, and Baja to introduce growers and industry colleagues to the new opportunities that PSG offers growers throughout California and Baja. The meetings will feature presentations from the commercial and technical teams and a forum to address growers' questions. To register your attendance, please visit The registration deadline is Thursday, Aug. 10.

About Plant Sciences, Inc.

Committed to Advancing Agriculture through Science™, PSI has emerged as a premier agricultural research company with emphasis on breeding and propagation of berry crops for the global marketplace. PSI and its affiliates supply plants to growers in over 50 countries and hold plant patents and plant breeder's rights certificates on more than 80 different proprietary berry varieties including 58 strawberry, 17 raspberry, and three blackberry.  

Source: Plant Sciences, Inc.