Plant-Based Skincare PSODEX Launches New Website With Its #BacktoBasics Approach


​​​Psodex is a skincare health brand that uses natural, plant-based ingredients to provide cosmetic skincare products. Passed down from a healer in a mountain top, and closely studied by scientists, Psodex’s no-hidden ingredient moisturizing cream steps up to meet the demands of those looking to simplify their skincare routine and get back to basics with a non-toxic, all-natural solution.

“The demand for transparency in ingredients in the highly chemical and toxic skincare world has grown exponentially in the past few years,” says Savas Sarikaya, COO. “We hope our new website and social media efforts enable us to better connect to those thousands of people who have grown weary of the adverse effects of chemical ingredients in their products and are searching for simpler, yet effective ways of protecting their skin on a daily basis.”

Psodex’s scientists say the plant-based formula was inspired by an ancient natural remedy that was given to their founder’s mother more than four decades ago when she was suffering from a rare skin condition. She and her colleagues used various scientific processes to discover the plants used in the remedy. Then, they created a moisturizer formula that contained these plant-based ingredients and left harsh chemicals out of the equation.

“The hidden properties in plants can be powerful agents to bring about healing. Our founder, Dr.Yesim and her team, were able to extract these potent ingredients known to go deep into the layers of the skin to mend it from within, leaving the skin radiant and beautiful,” says Savas Sarikaya. “Today, we continue our founder’s vision of informing all our customers about the natural properties in our Psodex products – this time, in a more direct, and clean look through our new website and social media efforts.”​​

Psodex’s website has now launched and can be viewed at This platform is meant to inform and bring together all of those interested in learning more about the brand and the back to basics approach in their products. Its blog touches on a variety of natural skincare topics, while its add-to-cart function gives visitors an option to buy all of Psodex’s products online.


Psodex creates high-quality natural cosmetic skincare products. As a well-known brand in Turkey, they’re famous for their all-natural moisturizing skin cream, which uses 100% active natural, plant-based ingredients to nurture, moisturize, and protect the skin. Their products are plant-based, hypoallergenic, non-toxic, vegan, gluten-free, non-comedogenic and cruelty-free; designed with all skin types in mind. Psodex’s team of scientific researchers and dermatologists are constantly working on new and effective ways to use nature’s own medicinal properties to create derma-cosmetic products. You can learn more by visiting their brand-new website here.

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Source: Psodex USA Inc.

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