Planning Center Launches Online Donation Software in Australia and New Zealand

Offers Free Subscription for Churches Under Contract

Planning Center, a leading church management software provider, is pleased to announce the availability of its online church donation software, Giving, in Australia and New Zealand.

Planning Center is offering churches a free subscription to Giving for the duration of their contract with another donation software, for up to 12 months. To switch to Giving, churches can visit this page to sign up and submit their contract to Planning Center. 

During the transition period, the only cost incurred will be the processing fees charged by Stripe, Planning Center’s payment processor.

“We recognize that switching to a new church donation software can be daunting,” said Jeff Berg, CEO of Planning Center. “That’s why we’re offering churches a free subscription to switch to Giving for the rest of their current contract, up to 12 months.”  

Planning Center understands the challenges churches face when coordinating their ministry across multiple platforms. With Giving, churches in Australia and New Zealand can now seamlessly integrate online giving with their existing Planning Center tools, eliminating the need for multiple products.

Planning Center has helped churches save thousands of dollars on processing fees by switching to Giving. With their competitive rates, churches can allocate more resources toward their ministry efforts instead of paying insurmountable fees elsewhere. 

With Giving, churches in Australia and New Zealand can now centralize their online giving within the familiar Planning Center ecosystem, providing a seamless experience for both administrators and donors. By consolidating multiple products into a single platform, churches can save time, reduce administrative burdens, and create a better donation experience for their members.

To learn more about Planning Center Giving and the transition promotion, please visit

About Planning Center: Planning Center provides over 80,000 churches with tools to help them process donations, coordinate events, schedule volunteers, check children in, and much more. For more information, visit

Source: Planning Center

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Planning Center provides over 80,000 churches with an all-in-one church management system—tools to help them get organized by processing donations, coordinating events, scheduling volunteers, checking children in, and much more.

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