Planning Center Increases Data Security by Releasing Two-Step Verification Login

Planning Center, a leading company in church management software, announced this week the release of two-step verification login for its products. 

Churches store sensitive, personal, and valuable information about their congregation in their Planning Center accounts — from contact information and financial data to children's locations, medical notes, prayer requests, and much more.

Two-step verification enables churches to add an extra layer of security to protect the data in their Planning Center account by requiring administrators to enter a case-sensitive password and a security code to log in. 

Anyone who can log in to Planning Center has some level of access to this extremely private information, and thus shares some of the power and responsibility of protecting that data. Planning Center's role is to ensure its software is built, maintained, and supported as securely as possible. Two-step verification login is a tool churches can use to further participate in keeping their accounts secure.

This news comes shortly after Planning Center's recent announcement that the company is SOC 2 Type I compliant. "At Planning Center, we're committed to equipping our churches with tools to protect their congregations' data from those who would use it for harm. We'll continue to push forward every product feature, policy, process, and procedure to keep our churches on the cutting edge of what's possible in data privacy and security," said Jeff Berg, founder and CEO of Planning Center. 

Learn more about Planning Center's security practices on its security page, and read the announcement of two-step verification on the company's blog. 

About Planning Center: Planning Center provides over 73,000 churches with an all-in-one church management system — tools to help them get organized by processing donations, coordinating events, scheduling volunteers, checking children in, and much more. The company also offers a custom mobile app for congregations to connect through group chat, a digital directory, live-streamed service, and other custom content. Its flagship product Planning Center Services is the leading production tool for volunteer scheduling, worship planning, and rehearsing. For more information, visit

Source: Planning Center

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